Friday, June 30, 2006

Some House Photos

Quite a change from the Brooklyn digs, huh?

We have plenty of room--come and visit!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The End of Travelling--at Least for Now!

I think we are both grateful and bummed at the same time that we are now actually rooted somewhere since all the travelling adventures are over, as it is now back to "reality", so to speak, and a return to responsibilities. Paul is working from home while I am too overwhelmed with other stuff to even start looking for work.

All of our stuff has been hauled out of storage in Bend, OR and Bronx, NY, the latter shipped out by Ben Hur Moving and storage, the former hauled out by us in a rental truck. I cannot express enough how dissapointed and angry we are with Ben Hur--DO NOT ever use them, if you can at all avoid it (they have offices located in NY and LA). Such little care was used to protect our things that we still cannot belive more things were destroyed in the move. Framed art, unwrapped and tossed into boxes! Power tools wrapped up with once-clean towels and sheets! Glass spice jars dumped all together in a box, along with 2 hats, stuff from a desk drawer, and yes, the dirty, used cat litter scoop! Both of our mountain bikes had to be taken in for repairs as they weren't even put into boxes--just tossed onto the truck which ruined the handlebars and tires. We have a huge list of complaints to file with the BBB and stupid damage insurance forms to complete. ARRGH!

On a good note, our new house is HUGE, compared to the apartment in Brooklyn. More than double the size, and with a big yard and basement! I mowed the lawn (with a push mower, no less) for my first time ever a few weeks ago. We have loads of different colored rose bushes, day lillies, hydrangeas, and a bunch of other stuff that was already planted when we moved in. I couldn't be happier; it is exactly why I left NY--more space and a nice yard. Photos to be posted soon!

My one bit of advice to those who are planning on a move, whether it is short or long distance: get rid off ALL YOUR CRAP before moving--don't ship it with you! We can't belive how much nonsense we have collected and held on to over the years, from childhood onwards. The overall goal is to get rid of 1/3 of all our stuff this summer in the form of yard sales and Goodwill donations.

Our days pretty much consist of unloading boxes and figuring out where stuff goes, buying stuff we need for the house and yard, organizing our lives--and if we didn't already have enough excitement in the past with planning a huge move, travelling overseas, then looking diligently for a place to live--we are now planning a wedding for this October! The action and decision making just doesn't stop! Neither of us can say we are bored, that is for sure.