Saturday, January 19, 2008

Someday, We Will Move!

Demolition work has FINALLY started on the Flanders house. Amazing, but true. We will move hopefully this year.

Here are some before photos:

And some after:

It turns out there is a lot of asbestos in the house, so that all has to get removed. You can see how dusty it is in this last photo. All the workers were wearing industrial strength dust masks, and of course me, Paul, the contractor, architect, et. al were not. Duh.

The house is in worse shape than we thought. One of the descriptors in the brochure when we were looking at this house was "good bones!"--ha, what a joke. One good discovery during demo was vaulted ceilings! So now we are getting rid of the attic to have high ceilings, which is fine by us.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008

As promised, the moms got their night out on the wild town of Ocean Shores. The dads babysat and we went to the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino where we went completely crazy and ordered two rounds of drinks, onion rings, and played the slot machines. Woohoo! Afterwards we had a drink at the Green Lantern pub and conned this newly married bride into giving us two slices of wedding cake (they were in the midst of the reception when we arrived). The bar was shutting down early that night so we went back to the beach cabin as Paul and Frank were preparing dinner. By 11pm I was so exhausted I could have cared less about staying up until midnight and dozed in a la-z-boy while everyone else whispered in a dark room so as not to wake the two sleeping kiddies. Apparently some fireworks went off at midnight and I jumped up startled from the noise, asked why it was going on, and was very grouchy and puzzled about Frank offering me champagne. I have absolutely no recollection of this and only remember happily standing up to have champagne with everyone. And none of this happened because I was drunk; rather I am not used to staying up so late these days and am generally asleep by 10 pm.

So, another wild and crazy new years has come and gone. I don't miss the hangovers, that's for sure.