Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Birthday photos

Yes, we are slow. Slow, slow slow at updating the blog. What can I say? Time is going by incredibly fast. The house is still being worked on (possible move-in is now January '09) and the hot weather has left Portland. I am still looking for work and have been on several interviews. Of course the position I was most interested in didn't pan out, and the one I was least interested in called me back for a second interview. I completely b.s.'d my way into getting an interview at an area hospital yesterday and lets hope it wasn't so obvious that I really had no idea what I was talking about.

Although we only made it camping once the whole summer, next week we are going camping with some friends who have a toddler as well. August is unfortunately still into the phase of putting everything in his mouth so we are guessing he will have a mouth full of dirt and rocks within 5 minutes of pulling into the campsite.

Here are some very late photos of August's 1st birthday. It was over 100 degrees the day of his party so luckily that 1/4 keg of beer was around to keep the adults happy. Oh yeah, and the kiddies got a pool to play in--the same exact pool that was attacked by raccoons! We found an identical one a few weeks before the party.

Uncle Dan and Magnus the cat were obviously too hot to move around much:

I think these misters saved the day:

Here is a video of August walking--this was just shot last weekend at Mt. Tabor park: