Saturday, March 24, 2007

22 Weeks

I gave my notice in at work and my last day will be May 4th. Now I just have to break the news to my clients, which for me is always the worst part about leaving a position. It will be that usual guilty feeling that I am once again abandoning others in pursuit of my own needs, despite the great excuse I have this time!

Paul and I started taking Bradley Method birthing classes which we can already tell are going to save our butts on the grand finale that we are gearing up for. We are also scheduled for infant CPR and first aid, newborn care, and waterbirth classes up at OHSU (Oregon Health and Science University). We are still considering hiring a doula for pre-and post-partum care. There is a doula at our Bradley Method class who primarily works with multiples, so she's gotta be pretty competent!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More surprises from 2006

For those of you who don't already know, I am 20 weeks pregnant this week!
I became pregnant roughly 3 weeks after our wedding last October. As my father said, "Well, you sure didn't waste any time!" (Like his daughter, he is not one to mince his words). Who knew it would be so easy? I know several other women who took months, sometimes years to conceive, and I pretty much thought since I am going on 37 this year it might take me a little while as well. We are both really excited and terrified at the same time, and it is becoming more and more real every week. At first it took a while to sink in and I was trying to be as casual as possible about it for the first 3 months in case of a miscarriage. We had an amnio a few weeks ago and luckily everything is normal, and chose to not find out the gender.

It is still up in the air right now as to when I will resign from my job. Fortunately I have had an incredibly easy pregnancy so far, but I'm kind of "done" with my current social work position, to be quite honest. It is not really the job I want to be doing and I really need the time to study for my social work licensing exam this spring.

More pictures to come as things progress!