Friday, May 02, 2008

Adventures for April

Yes, two more rounds of the plague have hit our household. Another stomach virus and believe it or not, another cold. Yeah, I know. This is just the beginning. Wait until he starts pre-school and kindergarten!

We visited friends in San Francisco in April and the weather gods were shining upon us that weekend. Even though Paul said it would be in the upper 70's, I didn't believe him. Did I bring appropriate clothing? Of course not. And it got up to the low 80's! I was roasting and had to borrow a skirt from a friend. Luckily we brought warm weather clothes for August, so he was all set.

What prompted the visit was to celebrate J's 40th birthday. As we had hoped, he was very surprised to see us and even more surprised to have a great party thrown for him. We finally got to meet J and K's son as well!

Our friends Merritt and Pierre are expecting twins. The last time we saw them was at Burning Man 1 1/2 years ago. I wish I had thought to take a photo of her when she met us at Dolores Park--she looks amazing!

In other exciting news, the co-op in Brooklyn, which has been on the market for over a year HAS FINALLY SOLD!!! Amazing, but true. But to back up a bit, there was some drama two days before the closing (which I was not present for). I get a call from the attorney's office asking who is going to be my power of attorney. "Uhh, you are, I thought," I say. "Well we never sent you a power of attorney form to have you fill out and notarize, so you need to do this immediately and overnight express it today, or else we won't be able to close." At this point I completely panic. Paul is away in Seattle for work, I have a bunch of moms and kids who are due to come over in 30 minutes for a playgroup, and now I have to run out with August and find a notary then get everything sent off! Long story short, my mom was fortunately still in town and rushed over to watch August while I ran to get things taken care of. I was furious with the attorney for waiting until the very last minute to discover this, but hey, it is all over now and the closing went smoothly. Now we can get our house built out here!