Monday, April 06, 2009

Never mind the towel, gimme a bathrobe!

August now refuses to use a towel after his bath. For someone who has hated hats his entire short life up until now, we are pretty psyched he tolerates wearing this.

Have you read "The Gas We Pass--The Story of Farts"? It is one of August's favorite books.

August repeatedly says "Baby? Baby?" whenever he sees my camera because he loves to look at photos of himself on the screen. And yes, Paul is saying "intesTYNES" on purpose, just because he knows it bugs me.


Suzie said...

He is so cute

Paticus said...

Our girls have just taken to giving weird names to how they wrap themselves in towels. They are either a "hot dog" or "Darth Vader" or a "biscuit".