Friday, May 08, 2009

Road Trip to Albion, WA

Paul is now a biological uncle!! We finally got to meet baby Quintinn, who is now about 3 months old. It was too expensive to fly so we bit the bullet and loaded up the car. Surprisingly, August did much better than we expected for being cooped up for close to 7 hrs. (stopped once to run around and stretch).

I had heard Albion is a very small town and was prepared for a quaint little place. It is waaaaay smaller than I could have imagined. One town hall/library/fire station building. A church. And that is all. Kids take buses to schools in other towns.

Paul and I took Quinntin out for a walk in scenic Albion.

Here is some more fabulous neighborhood scenery:

Still awake?

We got a tour of the farm that Mike works on for his graduate degree program in organic agriculture. August was terrified of the bleating sounds the sheep made.

Even the quiet cows freaked him out. I am guessing that seeing photos and drawings of farm animals in books is one thing, but in real life they are a bit daunting.

Here he is clinging to me for dear life. Hopefully Quinntin will be more used to the sounds and sizes of farm animals and won't be as tramatized when he gets older!

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